De Salis Lofty Cuvée Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pinot Meunier 2011​Bubbly with altitude

This is a character-filled bubbly from a high-altitude vineyard. Orange-copper colour; meaty charcuterie, fresh baked bread and toasted hazelnuts predominate. A beautifully shaped wine with seamless texture, soft and very drinkable despite its zero-dosage dryness. (Cork)

Score: 95 ★★★★★ – view on

Alcohol: 11.8%
Ageing: Best within four years
​Food: Oysters with blood orange granita
Stockists: De Salis Wines; Vintage Blue, Sydney CBD; Porters @ Pyrmont (NSW)
​Ranked #1 of 16 2011 Pinot Noir Blend tasted from Australia

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New release pinot noir

Three producers – Ten Minutes by Tractor (the 2013 vintage), Eldridge Estate (the 2014s) and De Salis (2013s) – dominate the 80 new-release pinot noir tasting notes uploaded to the app this more

Sauvignon blanc gets savvy

I’ve been drinking more sauvignon blanc than usual these last few days. But not just any old sauvignon blanc.This grape variety polarizes wine drinkers. It’s a love/hate thing. Sometimes it seems as though the aficionados automatically despise anything that achieves mass popularity. Like Ken Done’s art, ABBA’s music, moscato or pinot gris.The wines I’ve been enjoying are barrel fermented, complex versions, which also tend to be made from more concentrated and riper grapes than your common-or-garden savvy.

In my latest tasting, this style was ably represented by Domaine A with its 2013 Lady A Sauvignon Blanc (formerly Fumé Blanc – tasting); and De Salis of Orange with its two fumé blancs, ’14 Wild Fumé Blanc (tasting) and ’14 Lofty Fumé Blanc (tasting).

These are brilliant wines. Cast in a style that most closely approximates that of the best white Bordeaux, they achieve a wonderful harmony of varietal fruit and spicy oak. The oak doesn’t dominate, and the fruit aromas and flavours reflect fully ripe grapes – there’s nothing green or capsicummy about them. The aromas are more of ripe tropical fruits, kiwi fruit and lime juice than the vegetal tones that remind of asparagus, green peppers, cabbage or freshly cut grass. READ MORE​​​​